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Millions of men suffer every day from accidental bowel leakage. This type of leakage is extremely bothersome and often is untreated due to embarrassment and a lack of desirable treatment options. Luckily, now there is InToneMV.

  • InToneMV is a non-invasive, home-based treatment for men with bowel leakage.
  • InToneMV combines a customizable probe with muscle stimulation to effectively strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, helping you to maintain continence.
  • InToneMV also provides voice-guided volitional exercise and visual biofeedback to reinforce proper completion of exercises.
  • Data from each home-based session is recorded for review by your clinician in order to maximize your progress.
  • InToneMV will stop your bowel leakage for as little as $5.70 per day for 6 months.
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